Input wanted to build a campaign for public funding of trans-related health care!

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January 23, 2013 by translibleague

The Trans Liberation League is a campaign group based in Halifax, Nova Scotia that recently formed for the purpose of lobbying for trans-related health coverage in the province, such as pushing for re-listing Sex Reassignment Surgery.

We are a fairly small group, consisting of primarily trans-masculine and cis folks. We realize that we are not representative of all people and experiences and are seeking input from the community. We have come up with a vision and list of demands and are looking for input on what may be missing or if there are concerns and/or criticisms. We would appreciate any thoughts, critiques or suggestions. We would also love for more people to get involved, if you are in Nova Scotia! Please feel free to respond here or email us directly at

In addition, we are trying to come up with a short, snappy, but encompassing name for this campaign. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

– Access to health care under a true informed consent model
– Youth-centered health care with lowered minimum age of access to trans health services
– Changes in language, knowledge, and attitudes around gender identity – for all people, not just within health care
– Eliminating M/F check boxes
– Better training and required training for ALL health care providers
– Wider availability and visibility of trans health services and trans-friendly sexual health
– Comprehensive coverage of services, without caveats – our aim is to get coverage, not
inaccessible coverage


Definitely asking for:
– MSI coverage for 15-20 patients per year for major surgery
– Coverage for ALL surgeries, not just a selection (e.g. top + bottom surgery, hysterectomies, facial surgery…)
– Coverage for tertiary services as well (e.g. speech therapy, electrolysis)
– Access to all of these services based on informed consent
– Government provision of training for health care providers and an up-to-date list of trans- friendly service providers
– Consistent access across all regions of NS with regional point people

Nice ifs:
– Surgeries performed in the Maritimes
– Coverage of travel and recovery costs


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