Visions and Demands

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We believe that trans people across Nova Scotia – and everywhere – should have truly universal coverage for their healthcare needs.

We demand comprehensive coverage of services without caveats.
We demand the implementation of an informed consent model which would allow all people, including youth, to make their own decisions about their bodies.
We demand better, mandatory training for all healthcare professionals and consistent access to service providers across all regions of Nova Scotia (not just the HRM!).
We demand that the Nova Scotia Health Minister remove sections 4.8 and 4.12 from the Physician’s’ Manual which explicitly deny coverage for any trans-related health care procedures.
We demand funding for at least 15-20 patients per year, coverage for all major surgeries AND tertiary procedures, and either access to these services in the Maritimes or coverage for travel and recovery costs (like some other provinces).

Nova Scotia is behind many provinces in recognizing the importance of covering trans related healthcare procedures. However, we think that Nova Scotia could be an example to other provinces at sit at the forefront of upholding trans rights.





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